When the dead make u laugh

The new cadavers are here for the “baby” juniors! mwahaha, I was lucky enuf to see em.Check out that pink!

Check out that pink!


11 Responses to When the dead make u laugh

  1. nasyrah ash says:

    i didnt remember seeing this one..hahah
    oh!!the baby junior.sounds terribly lame.hooo.but we kindda am lame, for now at least.bhaah

  2. yen219 says:

    haha.. cute ape bunyi dia.
    That day I gave away most my books. But I think I still have satyanarayana. Did u buy urs yet?

  3. Nasyrah ash says:

    Cute yeah.but doesnt fit wit people seeing cadavers.haha..i did.but I dnt thnk I hav tht one.care 2 give tht away?

  4. yen219 says:

    Yeah sure. Ill check if I have it. Sms me ur num

  5. bananarama says:

    do me a favor. if u lucky enough to come across a drag queen cadaver or one that has a nipple piercing, don’t post pics of em here aye? lols.

  6. yen219 says:

    haha! I sure WILL! strictly for YOUR viewing pleasure! XD

  7. dilaisma says:

    ahahaa…yenn..dats so UNethical..or immature is more tepat..gahh đŸ˜›

  8. asille says:

    if i was given the chance to name that nail polish, i’ll name it; shock to death.hmm?
    like its shocking pink? dead? hm? get it?
    ok dah la.
    pathetic ya saya.


  9. yen219 says:

    HAHA Marleyy oh, Marleyy.

  10. hey hey! i yang contribute nama Baby Junior tu ok!

  11. nasyrah ash says:

    baby junior is cute, but well.cute.hahah
    thnx for the name =)

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