Pursuing Happiness

Thomas Jefferson said something that can be simplified into “Every man has the right to the pursuit of happiness”. I know this because I did a report on him in 5th grade while still schooling in New York. What I understood about this at the time was that every individual should have the god-given right to pursue what it is that makes him happy. That every person deserves the freedom to carve his life, the freedom to make whatever choices he has to in searching for happiness. Now Thomas Jefferson may have been referring to black slavery in America at the moment, but this blog entry isn’t about American history.

I remember another thing a wise man said. He said there are 2 types of cages, one in which you can touch and feel the bars and u know u are not free, the other is where you cannot see or feel the bars and think you are free. Ok ok, so this dude is actually talking about government mind control but still you’ll see my point later.

The point of my blog post is to share with you a realization I’ve been able to achieve so that you may hopefully benefit. I have been increasingly HAPPY for months and extremely happy these past few days and I believe the happiness is somewhat permanent. ^^ Usually in a person’s life, they go through stages where they feel they become a new person. People change and its wonderful! Though my own change wasn’t through some rare big event that jolted me deeply enough to change. Nope. The realization was slow and steady.

Throughout my life I’ve gone through stages where I was very dormant, very depressed, cynical, loathing, u name it. To cut things short my life sucked. When I wrote the blog entry “You are the maker of your own happiness”, I knew happiness was a choice. I knew I had to choose happiness. Sometimes change takes some time, so slowly but surely I was able to choose to be happy. Daily misfortunes were the first to change. Whatever that could have made my day bad didnt anymore. Because I chose to be happy when before I would have been un-happy. When things made me angry, I just said to myself “what the heck? I’ve nothing to be angry about. I don’t need this anger.” When I found myself worrying, I said to myself, “Why worry? I know I can turn things around. Allah will provide, there is good in all things that happen.”

So coming back to the famous sayings.

I found that to achieve/pursue happiness you have only to want it and to choose it! Life will give you lemons. Even better than making lemonade is this: throwing the lemons back at life and saying, I DON’T WANT YOUR FUCKING LEMONS! Your emotions are your own. You choose what u feel. Not life. Life doesn’t govern your emotional status. Do NOT let it.

I found that the only cage imprisoning me was one I put around myself. The cage I could not see. Once I saw the bars that I built myself, only then was I able to break those bars. Always be confident. There is NO SUCH THING as overconfidence. You have EVERYTHING u need to go ANYWHERE you want, to do ANYTHING you want. Act. Do. Try. Pursue. Strive and Allah-willing you will achieve. Failure is NOT bad. Failure means you learned how not to succeed. So that you are better equipped to succeed NEXT time!

After I realized that my emotional well being based on my daily life was improving, I realized why not my emotional well being revolving my whole life in general? All my worries about the future, about education, about becoming a doctor, about my social life, about my non-existent love life, about my family problems, about fitting in at college, about getting old (YES, I think about that too), about exams, about thinking “will I make it?” and etc!!!

So bit by bit, praise be to Allah, my life has been improving so much!

I have wonderful aims and goals and dreams to strive for.

I realize how beautiful my family is.

My brother and I are as close as we have ever been.

I love my sisters.

I appreciate my parents immensely.

I am excited and enthusiastic about our new year in MBBS.

I am confident in my abilities.

I find that I love my friends more.

I love my uncles, aunts(and cuzins TOO!!!).

I am LOVING my stay in India to the fullest.

I am thankful to Allah for all that he has given me.


Choose happiness.



13 Responses to Pursuing Happiness

  1. bananarama says:

    it’d be easier for me if only you had a “Like” button on ur blog the way fb does. i like your post. lols.

  2. yen219 says:

    hahaha… I suppose so yeah. Thank u for reading. Do I know u in person?

  3. bananarama says:

    good question! hahaha..

  4. yen219 says:

    Lol. u must have my fb. But who ah?

  5. Rashid says:


    Secret admire gtuu~ haha! 😛

  6. yen219 says:

    ntah2 ko rashid! hahaha

  7. asille says:

    gotta love this one.kudos.
    beautifully written. i love it.
    and yes, i kinda choose to be happy, and trying to be positive all the time and all, but it is kinda hard ya know, when you have unsupportive ppl around ya and they degrade ya all th time.pffshit to that.hmphm

  8. […] a friend of mine wrote this and I personally find it inspiring to the last word. He is an awesome writer, and I am just in love […]

  9. yen219 says:

    lol yeah, alot of ppl can pull u down sometimes.
    Chin up, move forward!
    Cheers =D

  10. Prasoon says:

    Happiness, like almost every other thing, is a state of mind right? Physical pleasures, materialistic desires, worldly affairs have got nothing to do with it. A person who gets happy with a new car, a better job, a rich household or any such illusionary thing will also be happy but his happiness would always be linked with a binary state of having and not having. True happiness is actually multi-dimensional. Happiness lies not in things but in emotions that drive us towards owning things so that we may become better providers for our loved ones. True happiness is always in the quiet smile that you take with you to the bed and the fresh smile that you wake up with because you have been thinking about love and not in the laughter that was evoked by the nasty joke on your friend. True happiness is when a stranger says things that touch your heart, when you tap at the little girl wailing for a candy and offer her a large ball of cotton candy bigger than her face. It is when all of a sudden you’re thinking of a song and your friend enters your room singing it loud, when you get an email from a random guy who tells you that you’re special ‘cuz what you wrote on your blog touched him.
    True happiness is not in reaching an informed conclusion, it is all about trying your best to understand. Making that effort.
    Thanks for the post (sorry, I got a little carried away I guess :P)

  11. yen219 says:

    Comments like yours make blogging worthwhile. Its nice to know people with ur insight are out there. ^^ cheers!

  12. Prasoon says:

    Just keep writing like this, your thoughts invoke mine 🙂

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