Er.. stuff.

Having smoked a cigarette only moments ago I suddenly have the impulse to update my blog. I would’nt quite call myself a smoker, mind you. Yet I do have a knack for trying everything in my own unconventionally peculiar methods. A few minutes ago I was browsing myspace (am personally more fond of facebook) for the simple reason of killing off some boredom whilst sleep continued to elude me.  So I happened across an old friend’s profile. I checked out her newest pictures which caught my eye. The girl who is of my age (19), was happily posing for the camera with her friends.  Knowing her character, I wasn’t too shocked to see how scantily dressed she (aswell as her friends) was. For the few years Ive known her I was well aware she was on the “wild” side as a young teenager.  So then comes a barrage of other thoughts:

–          Ever notice how sexy/slutty/daring the new generation

of kids dress?

–          Notice how Malaysia is increasingly populated with mat

rempits, drag queens and other socially/behaviourly er…  demented classes

of people?

This is what I call socially/behaviourly demented, hahaha

This is what I call socially/behaviourly demented, hahaha

–          Do parents these days even give a damn about their

children anymore?

Then some other thoughts:

–          Fat girls in skirts look damn wrong… euww..

–          Will my friends read this and what will they think?

–          If I eat lots of oily peanut butter will I grow pimples?

–          Why does all the Indian paper money have only Gandhi’s face

on it? (Gandhi rox, mind you)

–          That Indonesian hatred towards Malaysians for

“stealing their culture” has NO basis at all.

(Might make a post on this issue aswell)

–          Michael Jackson was fuckin murdered. Im frrikkin serious.

–          Me smoking is totally my brother’s fault. Haha..

(Solely for ur amusement Mal if u’re reading this.)

–          Sorry, I have no idea where this blogpost has gone to

conclude. Really.

Part of me feels like a moron to bitch about issues I might not even be genuinely concerned about. Girls wearing short skirts and so much make-up they look like men… It doesn’t rly matter I suppose. They’ve been around like.. forever. I love to fool around as much as the next crazy teenager but at the same time I’ve to think about my future aswell.

I seriously pray for my fellow Malaysians.

BTW, One Malaysia, I love the slogan.

Malaysia today!

Malaysia today!

Hoping to re-continue my blogging, cheers!


8 Responses to Er.. stuff.

  1. nasyrah says:

    somehow, this post is cool.and true.hahah

  2. Rashid says:

    So u stil smoking eh? :p

  3. yen219 says:

    Thanks Nasyrah.
    Not really lor rashid. Im no smoker. Im just a dude who happens to smoke sumtimes. Or is that just the same thing? Hahaha

  4. yen219 says:

    oh. And it IS my brother’s fault. Dia bawak balik dunhill cigerettes and told me to smoke. Otherwise I wudnt have.

  5. Rashid says:

    Lolz, dia bagi tak yah ar ambik lo…

    BTW, ur bro smoke eh? bad influence wakakka :p

    P/s : Don’t tell ur bro, nanti dia marah plak :p

  6. azza says:

    which friend yen?mcm nk tgk jgk je page die.haha

  7. echa says:

    r u smoker????
    btter stop now b4 u regret it..
    (my fther also a smoker ler…aduh!! alwys give him advce tp xpnah dgar..hahhahha)

  8. yen219 says:

    Lol There’s tons Azza. Just browse facebook or myspce.

    Echa, nope i dont smoke. Not a habit. ^^

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