I Support PPSMI to the DEATH!!


Lately in malaysia there has been a HUGE fuss on wanting to get rid of PPSMI

Most of this stupid national uproar is just HUGE political bullshit.

There was a demonstration carried out, including Datuk A.Samad Said who marched from the National Mosque toward Istana Negara. It was to submit a memorandum to protest and urge the government to abolish the teaching of mathematics and science in English.

This issue makes me so FUCKING ANGRY. When will these people open their bloody eyes?
PPSMI is a great system that incorporates english to prepare the younger generation to excel in university
where like- duuh~ english and only english is used to teach certain subjects.

It has NOTHING to do with “merosakkan bahasa ibunda” (destroying the mother tongue)
The dumbass politicians who say things like PPSMI mengugat bahasa ibunda and all are just trying to
gain support from brainwashed anti-western malaysians who grew up in their brainwashed
worlds where they know NOTHING about the west, but reject EVERYTHING including english
which for some reason they think is so evil.

We ALL love malaysia, ok?
We’re ALL proud to be malaysian ok?
And we ALL love our bahasa melayu!

But if we “mansuhkan PPSMI”, the younger generation will only be DECAPITATED. They
will fail to reach success in higher education. They will feel handicapped when learning
english in the future.

So SHUT UP with your bullshit saying PPSMI is bad.
The people who say PPSMI has to go are the following:

1. Old guys like A. Samad Said who have NO IDEA how important english is in this modern era for young malaysians to learn. The dude grew up writing sajak and what-not. Imagine he had a son who wanted to learn LAW or MEDICINE, and imagine him telling his son PPSMI has to be abolished. What a big fat DICK!


2. Young kids in secondary/primary school who were brainwashed by teachers and such. HOW THE FUCK would they know how important english is in tertiary education. When they take interviews in english to further study only then do they realize how STUPID they sound because they’ve always made fun of other kids trying to learn when they themselves didnt even try!

3. Dumbass POLITICIANS who are trying to gain support in this stupid stupid way that only sees to CRIPPLE the educational futures of young malaysians.

—> the TRUTH is, when u ask people who actually DO know how important PPSMI is.. like university students, only then will you get some SMART opinions. These students WISH they had PPSMI in their school days because they ACTUALLY know what its like to have to learn english and how difficult it was catching up.

It is so sad to see how backwards my fellow malaysians are thinking! I loved A Samad Said.. I loved his literature. But the dude is going senile or something cuz he has to think of his anak2 bangsa’s future for god’s sake.

Take a look at this picture:


Here, I’d like to quote from this blog:


What he said about this pic:

“Kanak-kanak dipergunakan lagi. Kali ini untuk perhimpunan jalanan untuk bantahan PPSMI dalam pendidikan. Bila kita melihat kepada kanak-kanak ini, saya berasa begitu amat sedih kerana masih ada lagi kanak-kanak dipergunakan untuk mencapai visi dan misi oleh pihak-pihak dipertanggungawabkan tetapi tidak bertanggungjawab.

Kanak-kanak ini tidak mengetahui apa yang orang dewasa inginkan malahan apa yang dipolitikkan mereka juga tidak mengetahui. Secara peribadinya saya berasa amat sedih.

Mereka hanya tahu bersyair dan berpantun serta menghasilkan penulisan yang berbunga-bunga dan berfantasi semata-mata yang majoritinya tiada kaitan dengan bahasa Sains terutamanya dalam bidang ilmu kedoktoran. Rata-rata bahasa kedoktoran itu di dalam bahasa Inggeris, majoriti belum lagi diterjemahkan kepada pengertiannya bahasa Melayu kerana apa? Adakah kerana tiada maksud di dalam bahasa Melayu? Maka kenapa tidak wujudkan perkataan-perkataan baru? Konsep dan penggunaan bahasa seperti inilah yang perlu diperjuangkan untuk pendidikan. Bukannya perjuangan syair si pari-pari, pantun kau kata aku aku kata kau balik, cerita cinta yang mengkhayalkan, cerita rama-rama terbang lah, cerita pasal yang entah apa-apa yang melalaikan melalui fantasi syok sendiri. Cuba lihat novel di Malaysia yang dihasilkan, majoritinya adalah kisah cinta dan pasal kehidupan yang entah betul atau tidak yang berlambak di pasaran! Bukannya kisah realiti penggunaan bahasa yang lebih halus dan tajam lagi dalam pengaplikasian bahasa sains dalam novel itu sendiri untuk tatapan minda sains dan teknologi. Itu belum lagi bahasa komputer. Apa nak jadi dengan mereka ini? “

So I’d like to say:




Pls Do read Dr. Mahathir’s blogpost on PPSMI aswell:



22 Responses to I Support PPSMI to the DEATH!!

  1. nasyrah ash says:

    nice post on the ppsmi issue.it has been such a big fuss in malaysia.and the fact that the sasterawan people are supporting the anti-ppsmi demo is simply adding useless probs on the ministry.pity the future generation.they r acting like uncivilised people, thinking in-the-box.

    if ur interested, heres a link to one blog that commented well on this issue;

    cheers mate!

  2. dilaisma says:

    u do have ur own opinion in this..
    and u sure do know how to make it clear..
    im totally wif u!
    and yes..how i wish i did learn em in english a lot earlier!

  3. yen219 says:

    Thank u for the link Nasyrah. It was great. Leaving my emo out wasnt exactly something I was able to do though.. hu2. He put it in a much more mature way then I did. ^_^

    Thx for support dyla!

  4. nasyrah ash says:

    ur most welcome..adding emo does add the environment to ur post. in a fun way.
    like ur ‘brainwashed-anti-western-malaysians. haha

  5. yen219 says:

    *takes a bow*
    Cheers! ^_^

  6. ikmal..(your big bro) says:

    english rocks..
    how can da younger generations bring da dakwah of islam to an international level if they cant even state the true teachings of islam in english..??i noe u agree with me bro..we need english to bring islam to other english speaking countries..so allah wont punish us on the day of judgement for not spreading islam to the non-muslims..

  7. chron3z says:

    i wrote a long comment on this one and i thought that i was being too random so here’s a line i clipped from the comment.

    ‘bersyukur gila aku duk kt brunei masa primary school dulu.. almost all my conversations were held in english..’

    i’ll be on my way now..
    nk smayang subuh..
    btw, nice ménage à trois smlm..
    haha.. bukak pintu je tgk ko, nik ngan izzul happily uh..

    gurau je.

  8. Deathpoet says:

    yes2.. its an interesting post indeed…
    Even though they are elders, it seems i had to agree with ur point of view, yenyen…

    It really a big shame that this elderly people use children as a tool for their campaign.. A big shame, really…

    All the best yenyen.. Hope seeing more from u in the future.. Dont stop ur effort…

  9. bananarama says:

    just read ur lovely piece on PPSMI. couldn’t agree more with you! and may i add that your very outspoken blog writing nature just earned you another fan.

  10. yen219 says:

    lol thank you. unfortunately I havent written a single thing in such a long time. Maybe after my final exams are over I might continue. ^^

  11. effa says:


    ya know, my mum was an English teacher in one of the Agama High school in my hometown, and one day, the students in her class was being rude to her and said ” Kitorang taknak belajar English, English bahasa kafir”.

    sigh* mentality some malay teens and adults still havent change.

    like yr “big bro” said,we need english to bring islam to other countries..

  12. yen219 says:

    Haha!. Yes I heard that very same story from my english teacher in MRSM. If it was haram to learn english just because the west use it, then y arent computers or cars haram? Or wearing neckties and y would tucking in your shirt be so compulsory for boys in school? Backwardsness must be addressed. Thank you for reading.

  13. effa says:


    yipee.. great minds think alike. 😛

  14. ain says:

    so dare 4 u 2 comment like that..
    but actually totally it is right..
    u know what.at my place dat is institut perguruan bahasa melayu malaysia..senior n lecturer didn’t like my batch becoz we are first batch based on diz ppsmi programme..they think we will ruined their reputation in Malay subject n juz english lecturer know our ability..so bad right??
    one thing more that really make us feel bad is now da ppsmi has been cancelled with da effort of our Bahasa Melayu lecturer(4 ur information my places has become Pusat Rujukan Bahasa Melayu) but here as a practical teacher we still be teached in english so what are we gonna do??we gonna graduate on 2013 so are we gonna teaching or juz sit,give a paper as a task and ur work done because mostly student can’t understand what are we saying??I hope diz chicken politic dat dare to involving education to play with will end soon..

  15. yen219 says:

    I feel your pain. Many people who are involved in teaching have to deal with all the reverse changes. My mother is pro-ppsmi. She teaches science in secondary school. When they abolished ppsmi, most other teachers celebrated. For them they think its easier. The truth is: EASY does NOT solve problems. When will they step up to challenge? How will malaysia rise up in the competitive world? How long will malaysians take the EASY road to everything only to come in last place?

  16. ain says:

    yeahh u right..
    i hope they will realize it soon but i didn’t think so they will…
    n….what can we do juz wait n see what will happen..
    i hope da education system will become better be4 i’m gonna be a real teacher 4 years more..
    hope it so much becoz of diz issue people look us as teacher so down…so sad…
    now..let’s think positive..chayok2..

  17. Umi says:

    Semalam, time Malaysian Day Show…ada 2 omputeh sembang2 with me. Umi kata baru sampai LA February…They said,” How come your English is so good.” I said, we teach our children Math and Science in English, and I was a teacher back there in Malaysia. Then she said, “Wow, Malaysian has a good education plan…”
    Too bad no more PPSMI in 2011!!!

  18. Prasoon says:

    Like it or hate it, English is here to stay. I’m from India. And almost all institutions of higher learning with any sort of an influence on the lives of people here teach in English! Unlike Malaysia (from what I have seen as an outsider through my interactions with the natives), where a major section of people still use Malay (the Internet is populated with blogs in Malay which may be due to the ease of writing Malay in roman letters), India has almost killed most regional languages. English is predominant and important languages like Hindi are fast disappearing. 7 Indian languages find themselves in the top 15 languages spoken worldwide and still English is the only barrier that most talented but otherwise not competent students of India face (their competency marred only by the fact that they are not very confident about their English!) – http://technorati.com/technology/article/china-india-and-the-internet-ecosystem/
    I’m not against English (that would be stupid) but I’m pro regional languages! Any child with a normal functioning brain can learn quite a few languages in her childhood, including English and regional language in the curriculum makes perfect sense to me. While the medium of instruction can be English, the regional language should be given a classical treatment. Teach the kids poetry, essays, novels, commentaries written in languages like Malay, Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, Kannada and let them appreciate the beauty of these languages.
    Let the doctors prescribe medicines in English but let them comfort their patients in a language which is closer to the heart!

  19. yen219 says:

    Those are very good views, and I agree.
    “Let the doctors prescribe medicines in English but let them comfort their patients in a language which is closer to the heart!” -Ill remember this one. ^^

  20. schav vique says:

    i am doing assignment on this big shit. dude, you are so awesome. true, i too feel ashamed of my own people who thinks that English should be abolished! damn those shallow-minded freaks. i have no idea why the hell can’t they even think about what the future generation gonna be. thanks for giving me ideas anyway 😀

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