Consumerism – About stuff

Please watch the whole video. If you’re an average guy like me who knows nothing about consumerism, you’ll learn a LOT of things you never knew before.
And TRUST me, its worth watching.. so dnt run away just cuz its about something u think you’re not concerned about. Selamat menonton.


2 Responses to Consumerism – About stuff

  1. ikmal says:

    cool post dude..yen..hows ur lyf dude?i jz came bsk from daurah kt jakarta selatan..real great..

  2. yen219 says:

    My life? Mcm biasa r.. Glad atleast SOMEONE cares abt this post. My other readers are more interested in gossip and such.. hu2.

    MAKE FACEBOOK. contact me there. ^_^

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