Wicked twisted diseases – An awe for science

In my quest to entertain my beloved blog readers, I ALWAYS come up with a blank.
Sometimes I find that writing about all my boring trivialties
in life seem like an intellect suicide.


I asked myself what I would be totally fascinated in seeing in a blog.
And therein I unlocked this interest I’ve always had for the ugly. Yes the ugly.
Though I am utterly disgusted at things like parasites and medical disfigurements,
I DO find them extremely fascinating. So here I dedicate some of these extremely
fascinating medical conditions for the world to see:
(Viewer discretion is advised)


-Some will make your skin crawl.. Made my compilation of these pictures equally hard,
be sure of that.. I’m still having the shivers and goosebumps.

Small pox

Small pox


-Small pox used to be a world wide thing, but most of the global population has

already been vaccinated, so small pox is history.


elephantiasis in the face

elephantiasis in the face


This is Huang Chuancai, from China. Scheduled for surgery. The elephantiasis as

you can see has manifested in his face.


A leper

A leper


Leprosy is one of the more known disfiguring disease.

There is one type of leprosy I heard of though, that makes u actually

look younger and prettier. They call it pretty leprosy. How nice.


Harlequin type ichthyosis

Harlequin type ichthyosis


Yes, I’m pretty sure many of you have seen this. There was a video of a baby born

in an Arab hospital that was circulating awhile back. Its a medical condition, where most

births dont survive long.


Spines from the candiru fish

Spines from the candiru fish

The parasitic candiru fish

The parasitic candiru fish


Ok listen up. This one is interesting. There’s this parasitic fish that can detect urea and

flow of water when a fish opens its gills to breathe. They swim inside deep, then open

this umbrella of spines to vicously latch on. They bite onto the nearest artery and feast.

There were reported cases where this son-of-a-bitch fish has latched onto PEOPLE’s urethra

when they decide to pee in rivers where the fish lives. Detecting the urea and the flow of urine,

they dart with amazing speed into the urethra, unleash their devastating spines inside

your poor weewee and feast on your blood. One reported case happened where the guy

underwent surgery to get the little fucker out his penis. GOD, that is scary.


African eyeworm

African eyeworm


Another beautiful parasite, the african eyeworm. Transmitted by getting bitten by

the deer fly or mango fly in Africa.

Surgical removal of eyeworm

Surgical removal of eyeworm – Be gone, vile creature!!


Dont worry readers, theres MORE!! mwahahaha



botfly-worm1 pic06pic011

Behold, the botfly larvae. The first picture is the larvae being yanked out of the tear duct





Hope you enjoyed!!


Bersamalah kita mensyukuri kesempurnaan badan kita yang dianugerahi Allah.

No doubt we will encounter patients who are suffering from various maladies in the future.

Hopefully we will manage and care for them as best we can.


I hope this post sparks your interests! Please do look these up if you wish.

Knowledge is not only a priveledge, but a responsibility to use for the betterment

of mankind. InsyaAllah kita semua dapat menjadi doktor yang dapat mendukung

tanggungjawab ini.



16 Responses to Wicked twisted diseases – An awe for science

  1. Rashid yg kiut says:

    hebat gle post ko!

  2. yen219 says:

    Thank you rashid yg kiut. haha

  3. fattah says:

    super gross!!
    i hate disease linked to skin symptom…
    i’ll never be a dermatologist, that’s for sure

  4. Rashid says:

    actually comment first tu hazrul guna nama aku, but still such a amazing entry 😀

  5. yen219 says:

    hahaha… oops.. dahla aku link blog rashid dgn title
    rashid yg kiut.. haha.. Shud I change it?

  6. dyla says:

    hey yen!
    c0ol post…really!
    but i doubt bout the elephante of the face..
    dats REALLY scary…
    and i hate those worms oso..
    and those thgs dat cld actually go to ur ‘weewee’..damn~
    neways..nice one korean-hair-like-yen..heh =P

  7. yen219 says:

    ^_^ thx for the comments

  8. myza says:

    omg yen. i cant open eyes to see those piccas. err. so scary ok. xsempat nk bca abes lagay lah an. duhh~ ;P

  9. myza says:

    omg yen. i cant open my eyes to see those piccas. err. so scary ok. xsempat nk bca abes lagay lah an. duhh~ ;P

  10. chron3z says:

    thought i’d just add this one up for anyone interested.




  11. Rashid says:

    finally luq update blog dia 😛

  12. chron3z says:

    lol rashid..

  13. ronth says:

    u know dat eye worms reminds me a lot bout this one particular movie … ‘the ruins’ if im not mistaken… just dat… its not worms dat literally get crawling inside ur skin.. but some kind of eerie plant i guess… now dats what i called super-scary ! hehe nice post btw~

  14. Rebekah says:

    Love your post, all though its sad to say that more and people are suffering from these things that you have posted. I am not a doctor but I have come across so many people with all types of ailments and I think you for showing the world these types of things that most people won’t acknowledge until they cotract it themselves. And sometimes they know that they are sick and then they puposely spread it to others. And it seems that a lot of people don’t care about others anymore and is all they are worried about is themselves. Hopefully people will look at those pictures especially the baby, that is sooooooooo sad, and start helping others and show some type of compassion towards others.

  15. yen219 says:

    Yes Rebekah. OMG u totally rock.

    I shall work hard to spread the love. ^^

  16. k says:

    wow the times are coming up quick i think people need to rember there maker.

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