Sleeping Pinocchio

So…. I happened to stumble about a certain blog apparently written by an IMS student in our batch.

The link:



First off I’d like to say that I find the posts to be quite exquisite in terms of literary quality.

Although it is a blog of considerable controversy, critique and cynicism; I do  respect the writer’s

right to express whatever she/he feels.

However, I do find myself simultaneously compelled to voice my own opinions regarding some of the

posts made by this.. um.. sleepwalker if I may call him/her by that title.


The two things I find myself having disagreements with are:

-sleepwalker’s argument on paras rupa; and

-sleepwalker’s comments on a male student named Fattah


First off, I believe it is quite unfair to attack Fattah based on his brief correction on pronunciation. I do not think

he meant to insult the girl speaking on the microphone. Calling him a gorilla” for doing so is hardly appropriate.

By saying things like lelaki besar berjambang” , I believe THAT is the real insult. “nada menghina”? Come on lor..

Why all this hatred? People who know Fattah knows he is incapable of such things like “nada menghina”.


I also do not think paras rupa has anything to do with the difference in visits between the male and female students

admitted to the hospital. I belive it is rude, even, to insinuate that the female student’s attractiveness does not measure

to that of the male.  Following is what sleepwalker has written:

“ape yang aku nak cakapkan disini begitu ramai yang pergi melawat rakanku yang sakit ini. seorang lelaki dan seorang perempuan. lelaki yang sakit itu agak disenangi ramai dan tidak kurang juga perempuan yang sakit itu. yang membezakan mereka hanyalah paras rupa mereka. ya aku tak nafikan lelaki itu mukanya boleh tahan. baik aku jujur. okaylah muke die tak boleh tahan. die hensem. dan perempuan itu pula bukanlah seperti Sazzy Falak rupenye. Amy Mastura pun bukan. tapi Amy Search mungkin. “

You see, sleepwalker seems to be the one who emphasizes paras rupa. Not only that, sleepwalker has also made the

distinction between who was attractive and who was not-so-attractive. I think a more reasonable explanation as to

why the female student recieved less visits may be one of the following:

-The guys were ‘segan’ to see a girl in the hospital ward

-The guys thought the girl would be embarassed if they came

-Many people did not know she was admitted because she didnt tell that many people, whereas the male student was admitted when he fainted and vomitted blood which everyone knew about.



My message to IMS readers: Love each other, we’re a family!



10 Responses to Sleeping Pinocchio

  1. ronth says:

    hey.. lurve ur post ! n luv ur writing. didnt know u do bloggy. but nyway… just a piece of tought from me… i think ppl lebih bnyk kecoh pasal dat guy bcos he was admitted to ICU … compared to dat girl… wad biase je… so mind u … psychologically, ppl will mostly drawn into icu rather than normal ward. i guess ? well at least i saw it from dat point of view… nyway… hopefully my name x masuk dlm tu… hehe cheers~

  2. yen219 says:

    Oh, terima kasih whoever u are.

    Yup2, I do agree with you. Hopefully nothing bad like that will happen again to any of us. So my advice:
    -Look left and right before crossing the road
    -Wear a helmet on motorcycles
    -DO NOT do drugs
    -Eat clean and healthy-halalan and tayiban

  3. erk yen i believe ‘ronth’ tu can u dont know him?

    bout pinocchio neh, true dat he/she has the right to say what he/she wants to. but he/she doesnt have to be sarcastic right? just wait and see for next entry, but i dont blame him/her. coz i also have one more blog just private for me to spill out what i dont like.

    the way he/she write, just dont right.

  4. i mean coz it is published and ppl read it.that is not right.

  5. yen219 says:

    Yeah I just remembered after I posted the comment.
    I knew it sounded familiar.

    Anyway, I suppose so. As to pinocchio, I dont think I’m qualified to say whats right or wrong either. I just had my own opinions about pinocchio’s opinions. ^_^

  6. Rashid says:

    setuju gak ar ngan main idea ko tu but it seems like its a bit interesting to see what is he/she ( sleepwalker ) going to post soon “D

  7. ronth says:

    betol2… luv sleepwalker… ngah3x

  8. yen219 says:

    Aww man.. pinocchio is missing lor.. We shall miss the dude/dudette

  9. diana says:

    yenyenyen… hey hey hey.. i saw dat pinocchio’s website too.. but wat to say.. not much too say actually…the person is sooo kinda-of-selfpraised as if he/she looks like some hot gorgoeus ppl.. which i don tink so.. (even pinocchio is but i will still kutuk!! haha) n like d gal pinocchio commented on (u noe who) said pinocchio doesnt have d rights to comment on sumbody’s paras to pinocchio.. dats all i cn say.. hahah.. i noe im rough.. n wat happens to fattah, dis pinocchio person is a shit.. so y bother a shit right.. lets shit be a shit.. hahaha..

  10. fattah says:

    thankz yen
    sorry didnt read this post earlier
    but now that bastard’s gone
    i think things are going pretty well

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