April 27, 2009


While others work, we ponder the bigger things in life..


Native Deen – Cool nasyid group

April 26, 2009

Their songs have nice messages. I wanted to share:

NATIVE DEEN – Stand Alone lyrics

I am not afraid to stand alone….
I am not afraid to stand alone…. If Allah’s by my side
I am not afraid to stand alone…. Everything will be alright
I am not afraid to stand alone…. Gonna keep my head up high
I’m not afraid to stand alone
If Allah’s by my side
Everything will be alright
Gonna keep my head up high!

Single mother raising her children
And now she’s a Muslim
Started praying and wearing a headscarf
Was healing for her heart

Struggling with no one to lean on
But with prayer she would be strong
Had a job but then she was laid off
Got a better education and it paid off

she was called for a job that she dreamed of
Close by, great pay -she was in love
They brought her in, told her she’s the number one pick
You got the job, but you gotta lose the outfit”

this is a tough position that you put me in
Cause Ive been struggling with my two children
But I’ll continue looking for a job again
My faith in my religion now will never bend


Peer pressure, they were insisting
And I was resistin
Some days I felt I would give in
Just wanted to fit in

I know when I’m praying and fasting’
They be teasing and laughing
So I called to my Lord for the power
For the strength every day, every hour…

One day there’s a new Muslim teacher
Single mom and the people respect her
Just seeing her strength I get stronger
They can break my will no longer

You don’t see me sweating when they’re jokes’re cracking
Never see me cursin’ with my pants saggin’
I aint running yo I’m still standing
I ride with Allah to the very end


now , I’m a tough one, who can bear their blows
The rest play dumb, they don’t dare say no
Scared of being shunned, by the peers they know
But I aint gonna run, I aint scared no more….

these sisters be resolute
Never stressed when the rest say they wasn’t cute
And they get the respect of the other youth
Come best with the dress yo and that’s the truth

These sisters are strong gonna hand it down
So me I’m a brotha gotta stand my ground
I aint gonna shudder, when the gangs around
Peer pressure whatever, its my planet now

Others may fall, I’mma hold my own
With the help of Allah I’ll be strong as stone
And I’mma be brave and let Islam be shown
Cause you I know I not afraid to stand alone


Seeing is believing

April 25, 2009

When u say someone or an organization or a country  has/owes/is paying/is receiving/is giving –> One trillion dollars, trust me, its not the same as seeing what a trillion dollars actually looks like.  This link really makes u think differently the next time u hear “a trillion dollars” check it out:

I Support PPSMI to the DEATH!!

April 24, 2009


Lately in malaysia there has been a HUGE fuss on wanting to get rid of PPSMI

Most of this stupid national uproar is just HUGE political bullshit.

There was a demonstration carried out, including Datuk A.Samad Said who marched from the National Mosque toward Istana Negara. It was to submit a memorandum to protest and urge the government to abolish the teaching of mathematics and science in English.

This issue makes me so FUCKING ANGRY. When will these people open their bloody eyes?
PPSMI is a great system that incorporates english to prepare the younger generation to excel in university
where like- duuh~ english and only english is used to teach certain subjects.

It has NOTHING to do with “merosakkan bahasa ibunda” (destroying the mother tongue)
The dumbass politicians who say things like PPSMI mengugat bahasa ibunda and all are just trying to
gain support from brainwashed anti-western malaysians who grew up in their brainwashed
worlds where they know NOTHING about the west, but reject EVERYTHING including english
which for some reason they think is so evil.

We ALL love malaysia, ok?
We’re ALL proud to be malaysian ok?
And we ALL love our bahasa melayu!

But if we “mansuhkan PPSMI”, the younger generation will only be DECAPITATED. They
will fail to reach success in higher education. They will feel handicapped when learning
english in the future.

So SHUT UP with your bullshit saying PPSMI is bad.
The people who say PPSMI has to go are the following:

1. Old guys like A. Samad Said who have NO IDEA how important english is in this modern era for young malaysians to learn. The dude grew up writing sajak and what-not. Imagine he had a son who wanted to learn LAW or MEDICINE, and imagine him telling his son PPSMI has to be abolished. What a big fat DICK!


2. Young kids in secondary/primary school who were brainwashed by teachers and such. HOW THE FUCK would they know how important english is in tertiary education. When they take interviews in english to further study only then do they realize how STUPID they sound because they’ve always made fun of other kids trying to learn when they themselves didnt even try!

3. Dumbass POLITICIANS who are trying to gain support in this stupid stupid way that only sees to CRIPPLE the educational futures of young malaysians.

—> the TRUTH is, when u ask people who actually DO know how important PPSMI is.. like university students, only then will you get some SMART opinions. These students WISH they had PPSMI in their school days because they ACTUALLY know what its like to have to learn english and how difficult it was catching up.

It is so sad to see how backwards my fellow malaysians are thinking! I loved A Samad Said.. I loved his literature. But the dude is going senile or something cuz he has to think of his anak2 bangsa’s future for god’s sake.

Take a look at this picture:


Here, I’d like to quote from this blog:


What he said about this pic:

“Kanak-kanak dipergunakan lagi. Kali ini untuk perhimpunan jalanan untuk bantahan PPSMI dalam pendidikan. Bila kita melihat kepada kanak-kanak ini, saya berasa begitu amat sedih kerana masih ada lagi kanak-kanak dipergunakan untuk mencapai visi dan misi oleh pihak-pihak dipertanggungawabkan tetapi tidak bertanggungjawab.

Kanak-kanak ini tidak mengetahui apa yang orang dewasa inginkan malahan apa yang dipolitikkan mereka juga tidak mengetahui. Secara peribadinya saya berasa amat sedih.

Mereka hanya tahu bersyair dan berpantun serta menghasilkan penulisan yang berbunga-bunga dan berfantasi semata-mata yang majoritinya tiada kaitan dengan bahasa Sains terutamanya dalam bidang ilmu kedoktoran. Rata-rata bahasa kedoktoran itu di dalam bahasa Inggeris, majoriti belum lagi diterjemahkan kepada pengertiannya bahasa Melayu kerana apa? Adakah kerana tiada maksud di dalam bahasa Melayu? Maka kenapa tidak wujudkan perkataan-perkataan baru? Konsep dan penggunaan bahasa seperti inilah yang perlu diperjuangkan untuk pendidikan. Bukannya perjuangan syair si pari-pari, pantun kau kata aku aku kata kau balik, cerita cinta yang mengkhayalkan, cerita rama-rama terbang lah, cerita pasal yang entah apa-apa yang melalaikan melalui fantasi syok sendiri. Cuba lihat novel di Malaysia yang dihasilkan, majoritinya adalah kisah cinta dan pasal kehidupan yang entah betul atau tidak yang berlambak di pasaran! Bukannya kisah realiti penggunaan bahasa yang lebih halus dan tajam lagi dalam pengaplikasian bahasa sains dalam novel itu sendiri untuk tatapan minda sains dan teknologi. Itu belum lagi bahasa komputer. Apa nak jadi dengan mereka ini? “

So I’d like to say:




Pls Do read Dr. Mahathir’s blogpost on PPSMI aswell:


Consumerism – About stuff

April 10, 2009

Please watch the whole video. If you’re an average guy like me who knows nothing about consumerism, you’ll learn a LOT of things you never knew before.
And TRUST me, its worth watching.. so dnt run away just cuz its about something u think you’re not concerned about. Selamat menonton.

Wicked twisted diseases – An awe for science

April 9, 2009

In my quest to entertain my beloved blog readers, I ALWAYS come up with a blank.
Sometimes I find that writing about all my boring trivialties
in life seem like an intellect suicide.


I asked myself what I would be totally fascinated in seeing in a blog.
And therein I unlocked this interest I’ve always had for the ugly. Yes the ugly.
Though I am utterly disgusted at things like parasites and medical disfigurements,
I DO find them extremely fascinating. So here I dedicate some of these extremely
fascinating medical conditions for the world to see:
(Viewer discretion is advised)


-Some will make your skin crawl.. Made my compilation of these pictures equally hard,
be sure of that.. I’m still having the shivers and goosebumps.

Small pox

Small pox


-Small pox used to be a world wide thing, but most of the global population has

already been vaccinated, so small pox is history.


elephantiasis in the face

elephantiasis in the face


This is Huang Chuancai, from China. Scheduled for surgery. The elephantiasis as

you can see has manifested in his face.


A leper

A leper


Leprosy is one of the more known disfiguring disease.

There is one type of leprosy I heard of though, that makes u actually

look younger and prettier. They call it pretty leprosy. How nice.


Harlequin type ichthyosis

Harlequin type ichthyosis


Yes, I’m pretty sure many of you have seen this. There was a video of a baby born

in an Arab hospital that was circulating awhile back. Its a medical condition, where most

births dont survive long.


Spines from the candiru fish

Spines from the candiru fish

The parasitic candiru fish

The parasitic candiru fish


Ok listen up. This one is interesting. There’s this parasitic fish that can detect urea and

flow of water when a fish opens its gills to breathe. They swim inside deep, then open

this umbrella of spines to vicously latch on. They bite onto the nearest artery and feast.

There were reported cases where this son-of-a-bitch fish has latched onto PEOPLE’s urethra

when they decide to pee in rivers where the fish lives. Detecting the urea and the flow of urine,

they dart with amazing speed into the urethra, unleash their devastating spines inside

your poor weewee and feast on your blood. One reported case happened where the guy

underwent surgery to get the little fucker out his penis. GOD, that is scary.


African eyeworm

African eyeworm


Another beautiful parasite, the african eyeworm. Transmitted by getting bitten by

the deer fly or mango fly in Africa.

Surgical removal of eyeworm

Surgical removal of eyeworm – Be gone, vile creature!!


Dont worry readers, theres MORE!! mwahahaha



botfly-worm1 pic06pic011

Behold, the botfly larvae. The first picture is the larvae being yanked out of the tear duct





Hope you enjoyed!!


Bersamalah kita mensyukuri kesempurnaan badan kita yang dianugerahi Allah.

No doubt we will encounter patients who are suffering from various maladies in the future.

Hopefully we will manage and care for them as best we can.


I hope this post sparks your interests! Please do look these up if you wish.

Knowledge is not only a priveledge, but a responsibility to use for the betterment

of mankind. InsyaAllah kita semua dapat menjadi doktor yang dapat mendukung

tanggungjawab ini.


Sleeping Pinocchio

April 4, 2009

So…. I happened to stumble about a certain blog apparently written by an IMS student in our batch.

The link:   http://www.sleepingpinocchio.blogspot.com/



First off I’d like to say that I find the posts to be quite exquisite in terms of literary quality.

Although it is a blog of considerable controversy, critique and cynicism; I do  respect the writer’s

right to express whatever she/he feels.

However, I do find myself simultaneously compelled to voice my own opinions regarding some of the

posts made by this.. um.. sleepwalker if I may call him/her by that title.


The two things I find myself having disagreements with are:

-sleepwalker’s argument on paras rupa; and

-sleepwalker’s comments on a male student named Fattah


First off, I believe it is quite unfair to attack Fattah based on his brief correction on pronunciation. I do not think

he meant to insult the girl speaking on the microphone. Calling him a gorilla” for doing so is hardly appropriate.

By saying things like lelaki besar berjambang” , I believe THAT is the real insult. “nada menghina”? Come on lor..

Why all this hatred? People who know Fattah knows he is incapable of such things like “nada menghina”.


I also do not think paras rupa has anything to do with the difference in visits between the male and female students

admitted to the hospital. I belive it is rude, even, to insinuate that the female student’s attractiveness does not measure

to that of the male.  Following is what sleepwalker has written:

“ape yang aku nak cakapkan disini begitu ramai yang pergi melawat rakanku yang sakit ini. seorang lelaki dan seorang perempuan. lelaki yang sakit itu agak disenangi ramai dan tidak kurang juga perempuan yang sakit itu. yang membezakan mereka hanyalah paras rupa mereka. ya aku tak nafikan lelaki itu mukanya boleh tahan. baik aku jujur. okaylah muke die tak boleh tahan. die hensem. dan perempuan itu pula bukanlah seperti Sazzy Falak rupenye. Amy Mastura pun bukan. tapi Amy Search mungkin. “

You see, sleepwalker seems to be the one who emphasizes paras rupa. Not only that, sleepwalker has also made the

distinction between who was attractive and who was not-so-attractive. I think a more reasonable explanation as to

why the female student recieved less visits may be one of the following:

-The guys were ‘segan’ to see a girl in the hospital ward

-The guys thought the girl would be embarassed if they came

-Many people did not know she was admitted because she didnt tell that many people, whereas the male student was admitted when he fainted and vomitted blood which everyone knew about.



My message to IMS readers: Love each other, we’re a family!