The silver lining behind the badass F



So yeah I patiently await the announcement of my name

thinking oh shit theres no way I cudve passed this time.

Then the paper came…. and on it was a Big Nasty 18/60 written on it.

I was like whoaa, I know I screwed up my exam but like, I aint retarded..

So then Ahah!  I find the mistake and correct my physio grade to 29/30.

A big ugly grin was all I could stop myself from doing in spite of still

failing by 1 mark, the grin from being glad that I really wasnt a retard with 18/60.

So..yeah, shit happens.. and sometimes shit happens a LOT.

What we must learn to do is to take that shit and smile.  *Smiles Stupidly*

haha.. so congrats to everyone who did pass and to those who didnt either like me..

Hey, getting low marks just means your exam sucked.

So chin up, push forward!



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