India, a life’s journey

So all of a sudden we recall how long it actually was since we landed here, miles and miles away from our homeland.

And we find we’re incapable of justifying the measures of a time duration surmountable to about- whaaat??

SIX months?! haha, yes half a year.

To me atleast, I feel as though my arrival at the airport all those months ago were just yesterday.

Then the irony hits you. That as it does feel like such a short time has passed, at the same time u can feel like

you’ve developed and evolved so much.  At first, you may put yourself into mind and say –hey whatchu mean?

I’m the same ol-same ol dude. Nutin’s different.

But its all the subtleties that we accumulate that make us grow, not life-changing drama-filled occurences.

Back before we arrived in Bangalore,

Could u have imagined living in such a different world than in malaysia?

Could u have pictured yourselves cutting up real DEAD human cadavers?

Did u feel u knew anything at all about learning medicine, and what to expect?

The first time I myself saw one of the cadavers I was like, whoa dude, its a fucking dead thing on the table… But now, its like I can hold the half-rotting balls and genitals during dissection and eat chocolate while dissecting.

Seeing the poverty around you changes your outlook. Dealing with such an alien community with such different values and tolerances teaches you to understand people.  

Then u realise how much u have discovered about life.

How much u discovered about yourself.


Choosing an education in medicine, or choosing a carreer in medicine is not just choosing a profession. Being a doctor will not only define your job, ultimately it defines your character and being.


Oh shit, I get so formal and boring dnt I? Hopefully not so much in my future posts.  

And sorry for the long absence of new posts. I’ll try and write more. =)

Second internal exams are OVER!!

But u can bet the third internal exams are going to kick our butts..haha

So do well in classes, be happy and spread da love! Cheers! =)


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