You are the maker of your own happiness

February 3, 2009

Students in particular like us IMS MBBS students, we know the meaning of life being difficult.

Recently Ive been seeing a lot of sad faces, faces riddled with the complexities of relationships,

with academic burden, with personal household ( roomates I mean)  issues.

Everyone of us can barely juggle our personal lives with Anatomy, Physio and Biochem

getting more murderous by the day.

Sometimes we forget that we ourselves and ourselves alone have the power to feel whatever it is

we want to feel. We choose whether a particular problem in our lives brings us down or whether

we let our friends make the burden dissapear with a couple of hearty laughs.

So the main problem I hear is about people talking dirt about others.

Everyone knows what it feels like to have others say bad things about us. Nasty things, obsurd, incredulous,

embarassing, mocking, spiteful, or just plain evil things about us. Take your pick, essentially, if its something the

person you’re talking about wouldnt like what is said about them, it shouldnt be said. Its that simple. But even more

simple is the fact that most these things are just unfair to be discussed without the person’s chance to defend


Yes, we hear bad things about people. And yes, when we hear them we tend to believe it is true. We start saying, oh

he’s such an ass, or oh my god she’s so wicked. We forget to see others as people, as INDIVIDUALS. We see them for

the targets of outrageous hate. The hate that OTHERS condemned upon them and ultimately we hate them only

because someone else does. We percieve them not for who they are but for whatever judgement someone else passed

upon them. So who’s the bad guy? The unfortunate victim, or the one SPREADING the hate?

Here’s a phrase I’ve come to hate : ‘you’ve changed’ or ‘he/she changed’ or ‘You’re not the old you anymore’

Like open your BLOODY eyes!


And the correct term isnt change. Its that WE DEVELOP ourselves.

We are who we are. And another thing people dont see. Everyone is or atleast believe’s he/she is a good person.

We have to see that. We always say we have to ‘bersangka baik’. We should reflect on whether we rly put that

into practice or not.


sorry for deviating…

So people talk shit sometimes. It happens.

We score bad in exams. It happens.

We get heartbroken. It happens.

We just feel down sometimes. It happens. ALOT.

We can be happy, in spite of all this. WE choose how we feel.

Life is to be celebrated. If you’re so frustrated with life, then u’re going the wrong way.

If you think life is unfair, remember the less fortunate.

If you’re sad about missing your family, some people have lost theirs.

If you’re sad about grades, some people cant afford school, let alone food.

If you’re sad u dnt have nice shoes, some people dont have feet.

Thats what it means to be ‘bersyukur’.

The mirrors of  a person’s life reflect upon whatever they make it to be.

Allah has given us SO much. We have an abundance in life. In opportunities. Make use of it.

And BE happy. Cherish life, it really IS beautiful.