One Thousand Mirrors

One Thousand Mirrors

(by yen)


My eyes close

I drift away

And in the silence the mirrors crash around me

Splinters explode and fill my vision

A thousand slivers of light reflect on their smooth edges

Blinded by the sudden brilliance my eyes shut

The thunderous clutter of their symphony fills my ears

And overtakes my senses

In the crowded burst of sounds

I make out voices, familiar and gentle, strange and violent

Timidly I open my eyes

And the mirrors again bombard me with their mosaic of lights

I strain to see, and slowly

Clarity overtakes shock

Recognition replaces confusion

Wonder and curiosity blind out fear

The mirrors surround me

Suspended just out of reach

I see them one after the other

And yet I see them all

The shattered pieces, the separate shards

The collage of images, the instances of captured feelings

One thousand mirrors

Yet there is only one picture

The picture of my life


So here’s to blogging!!

All of us are made of pieces of others around us

They contribute to the person that we are

So our lives are about the lives of others as well

Of our families, of our friends, of people who we help or people who have taught us.

The pieces of the mirror are all pieces of other people that mould us to be who we are.

So here’s my prelude to blogging, for everyone who has been apart of me



5 Responses to One Thousand Mirrors

  1. arif joe says:

    mirrors are for people like me!!
    i am mirror-maniac..

  2. yen219 says:

    haha… cool dude, I’m equally obsessed.. Join the club! =)

  3. yen219 says:

    haha thank u!

  4. dilaisma says:

    nice one =)

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